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Article By| Hope D’Arcy

We understand the challenges that face many HR professionals in today’s digital world. One of the key concerns is that of Performance and Talent Management, during this webinar we will discuss these key concerns and how you can face them using SAP’s SuccessFactors. Our goal, throughout this webinar, is to inform and enable your company to understand the issues you face when it comes to Performance based Training/Management. 



Performance Development Planning is a core concern nowadays, and since the foundation of Talent Management is based on Performance management, we need to be managing this correctly. Do you believe that your company cares enough about this? Are you regularly assessing your workforce to ensure improvements are implemented correctly and employee centric? Talent Management Programmes need constant attention to prevent employee and customer dissatisfaction, which would therefore have a strong impact on a company’s ROI.

Since cloud-based HRIS will reduce internal IT costs, at ABACO we believe that SAP SuccessFactors is the pain-killer to address all your HR concerns. We will show how you can improve the accuracy of your performance management, set the scene for the top performers in your workforce and continuously improve your company competitiveness by improving your Human Capital skills.



Ben Hulland: An SAP SuccessFactors, certified professional, has more than 20 years’ experience in the software industry; supporting growth and change, lead by businesses embracing technology. Ben has first hand experience working for a large automotive manufacturer, driving business management software.

Flávio Teixeira: An SAP SuccessFactors consultant from ABACO UK, has enabled customers to manage their workforce wisely. Flávio has experience in Human Capital Management, which he uses to deliver tightly integrated solutions to manage major HR processes. He is always looking for the best way to meet HR needs.



SAP SuccessFactors; Performance Management & Continuous Performance Management.



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