SAP Releases Newest Version of CRM Solution

Software solutions giant SAP recently announced the newest release of SAP Digital for Customer Engagement. The new version is a CRM solution targeted at individuals and small teams. Originally released to consumers in May 2015, SAP Digital for Customer Engagement has been purchased over 3,000 on the SAP online store.


CRM is quickly revealing itself as the foundation of any successful business relationship. Being able to easily gather insight and sentiment from customers can be the difference between a positive and negative customer experience.

Handling advanced CRM data is never an easy task, but SAP is opening the doors for small businesses to more effectively track consumer behavior in an effort to improve customer experience and build brand loyalty. Beyond that, users are given access to included native mobile apps, allowing them to access their CRM data anywhere.

“Artificially forcing customers through a sales funnel doesn’t work anymore,” Reza Soudagar, Senior Director of Customer Engagement and Commerce Solutions, SAP told Loyalty360. “Today, customers are in charge of their buying journey and sales and marketing professionals are looking for tools to help them engage with customers through this journey – they need real-time and contextual information to be effective and add value throughout every touchpoint. We are shooting for extreme simplicity – users can ask question like ‘how to import contacts from my Gmail account’, the interactive help feature literally walks users through each step, each screen and each click to accomplish the task. This makes the system very easy to use for anyone.”

By integrating sales, marketing, and service capability into one program, SAP is enabling users to go beyond CRM and offer a comprehensive customer experience. The most recent release is accompanied by features, including sales forecasting, a Twitter social help desk, and built-in reports that provide sales and service issue insights.

The solution also offers enhanced data-access options, enabling team members to access data relevant to their responsibilities and empowering them to respond accordingly. This capability has the potential to boost productivity and reduce inefficiencies in business processes, particularly customer service.

The release comes at a time when, according to a Forrester Consulting study on behalf of Accenture and Hybris, 70% of B2B revenue comes from customers via digital channels. Additionally, 65% report that they’ve increased total spend for online business purchases. The company hopes that these statistics translates into increased traffic on their online store of software solutions.

CRM is no longer only for elite brands; it’s a necessity for any successful business. SAP Digital for Customer Engagement allows for data management that is easy, in-depth, and can be acted upon to provide top-shelf customer experience.


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