SAP Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

Combine the simplicity of online search with the analytical power of business intelligence (BI) – using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. This self-service data exploration software gives all business users the ability to quickly search and explore vast amounts of data. Create stunning data visualizations using a point-and-click interface, and easily share findings across your organization.


Why SAP BusinessObjects Explorer? 

Because it helps you uncover trends and connections in oceans of data – anytime, anywhere. Find instant answers to your business questions with the simplicity of a Web-based search, and get the context you need to improve decision making.

  • Give all business users intuitive, self-service data exploration and BI tools
  • Search and explore data from any device – online or offline
  • Use geolocation features and maps to add context to your findings
  • Make sense of your data with big picture insights – and drill into the details
  • Easily create dashboard views and data visualizations, and share them with your team


Functional Capabilities


Data search:

  • Explore enterprise data sources including operational systems and data warehouses
  • Search with near-instant speeds by using pre-indexed data sources and metadata
  • Bypass rigid reporting workflows and query processes
  • Use familiar keyword searches to find results by data relevance
  • Navigate and explore data directly, using a simple point-and-click interface
  • Easily share dashboard views and data visualizations with peers

Ad hoc data exploration

  • Get answers to pressing business questions as they arise
  • Explore business data online and offline – from your desktop or mobile device
  • Enjoy the same self-service BI experience from any device
  • Use hand gestures to swipe, tap, and zoom into data without
    needing to create a report
  • Sort or rank the data presented in your charts according to your preferred analysis


  • Increase your understanding of data patterns and trends by adding geolocation context, such as maps
  • Use Google Maps to quickly spot trends and get richer information context on mobile devices
  • Instantly augment your data with geolocation awareness of your exact physical location

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