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Article By | Hope D’Arcy

Managing today’s workforce has become more complicated with the changes in technology, changes in benefits/compensation, mental illness/physical wellness. Employees are not only now expected to achieve a lot more but they also expect a lot more from their workplace conditions! The Food and Beverage Industry, in particular, has seen a rise in employee turnover levels, a decrease in employee productivity and an increasing gap in achievement levels. Poor HR Management in the Food and Beverage industry will lead to  the loss of essential and experienced employees to other companies and in turn, generating a lack of skills and underperformance within the workforce, as well as a loss of market share. The lack of structured formal training programmes also decreases the company’s competitiveness and return on assets.

HR Challenges Facing the Food and Beverage Industry

Current HR challenges that are facing the Food and Beverage Industry include the following: 

  • High Employee Turn-over Rates
  • No Reporting Capabilities
  • Low Labour Productivity
  • Decreased Revenue
  • Paper/Manual Processes
  • Loss of Top Performers

SAP SuccessFactors has the capability of fixing all of these issues, and can improve and simplify your HR processes!

How SuccessFactors can Improve HR Processes in the Food and Beverage Industry

SAP SuccessFactors can help provide a better working environment through technology and building high performance teams. By creating this team environment SuccessFactors will then help drive better communication through your workforce. Therefore with the help of this cloud based SAP technology you can help turn your production environment into a streamlined team providing more accurate measures of performance by bridging the gap between proposed and achieved goals. SuccessFactors can help to simplify compliance across all HR processes. This technology offers a choice of 37 languages aligned with your multilingual workforce. Discover More About SuccessFactors Here

Abaco’s Offer

Enhance HR management with a powerful, scalable and easy to use solution, that is built in the Cloud and can be accessed globally. We can deliver a seamless HR platform experience, that can be integrated, and accessed, via laptop, smartphone and tablet. All of this HR intelligence can be delivered and ready to use across all your workforce in a competitive 4-6 weeks implementation timeline. ABACO has delivered more than 500 projects globally, that includes projects involving a reduced fit gap implementation effort with pre-packed KPI’s, templates and libraries. Additional support will be provided by ABACO, with a dedicated support and training team, from ABACO Training Academy, to help.


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