Airbus’ reporting and analytics flies after replacing Oracle database with SAP Hana

Read how Airbus’ Group HR is moving toward real-time reporting with big data.


Plane manufacturer Airbus improves reporting and data load processing in its HR department after replacing its Oracle database with SAP Hana.

Airbus’ HR has replaced its Oracle database with SAP’s Hana in-memory product, speeding reporting performance five-fold and data load time by four, it revealed today during the SAP Insider tour in Nice.

The firm has broken down its roll-out into different departments, including HR, where it has sped up reporting and analytics and garnered good business user feedback, Gaetan Falletta, business intelligence for Human Ressources and Gregoire Cousin, business intelligence and service manager said during the conference.

The firm’s new SAP Business Warehouse (BW), upgraded to BW 7.30 SP 12 along with a conversion of Hana optimised infocubes went live in February.

For HR reporting, Airbus hopes it will be able to “perform live business intelligence (BI) in 2017, as well as merge data sources and have a “big data arrangement” without the need for BW or infocubes. In other parts of the business, it hopes to integrate Hadoop data lakes with the in-memory database as part of its big data strategy.

While it is difficult to quantify a cost saving so early after deployment, Cousin admitted, the firm hope to reduce run mode costs, project costs and increase agility with real-time reporting by next year.

While Cousin described the tool as “magic”, problems with WebIntelligence integration, which made the tool’s executions “extremely long” on the new BW system are an issue, he warned.

Despite that, the average data manager’s time spent at a database per week (for runtime) decreased by 91 percent. Further, online analytical processing (OLAP) run time decreased by 81 percent.

“We needed Hana to renew our BW reporting challenges around big data dive into stored data, gaining real insights that were previously unimaginable”, Cousin said.

SAP have 6,000 customers signed up with its Hana database and 1,400 on its latest ERP product, S/4 Hana which combines its cloud based ERP with the in-memory platform.

The firm uses TIBCO’s analytics platform to create on of its famed models, the A350 WB; the simulation and design features are supported by HP’s datacentre-in-a-box hardware.

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