Ábaco opens new Swiss operation

This new office, in partnership with Swiss company Besteam, aims to strengthen the company’s response capacity in the region, to meet the demands of this fast-growing market.


Fernando Lopes, Abaco Consultores, Director

Abaco Consultores, a Portuguese technological leader specialising in the implementation and maintenance of SAP management systems, with operations in the UK and Brazil, reinforces it’s business and service offering to the European market. Together with the Swiss company Besteam, Abaco, has opened an office in this European country with the objective of earning 1 million Swiss francs in the first year of activity.

Switzerland is a market where Abaco already operates with a Near-Shore model. Besides being extremely competitive it is a market where the company already has large clients. Through the new office we will be able to provide a more personalised service to our clients and also on the projects we manage together “, says Fernando Lopes, Abaco Consultores, Director.


Business Strategy

Abaco Consultores’s business strategy is based on an international vision of its current business and markets. Looking for new working methods and asserting itself as a global partner of German SAP, Abaco Consultores’ venture in this market aims to reinforce it’s differentiating approach in the implementation of SAP solutions, which has already enabled it to make several pioneering implementations in Europe and Latin America. “In addition to being a developed market with unparalleled growth potential in Europe, Switzerland is also a good market for any technology that is dedicated to the implementation of management systems. Here are several large companies that need business management solutions like the pharmaceutical industry, citing just one example. “, Concludes Fernando Lopes.

At the beginning of 2016, Abaco Consultores announced the opening of its own subsidiary in London, Europe’s financial capital, and now launches in Switzerland. The office is already in operation and will focus on managing the relationships with its current Clients and securing new leads. For more information please visit: http://abaco-consultores.com/ and http://www.besteam.ch/

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